2016 Bid Cancellations

Bid Cancellations 2016

Item RFB Number Description
1 RFB122/16/17 Statistical Application Softwares Packages
2 RFB112/16/17 Proposal renovations to canteen Braamfontein
3 RFP013/16/17 Project- Management of selection, Procurement & Implementation of a total laboratory consolidation & Automation solution for the NHLS Universitas Service Laboratory
4 RFP007/16/17 Online Auctioneering Service
5 RFB032/16/17 Automated nucleic acid extractor
6 RFB111/16/17 NHLS Laboratory buildings and construction of BSL3 Facility at green point campus
7 RFB126/16/17 Renovations to Livingstone Laboratory
8 RFB080/16/17 Outright purchase of liquid handler system
9 RFB066/16/17 Placement or Outright purchase of Capillary Electrophoresis System
10 RFB064/16/17 Placement of Automated EM Processor for a period of Three Years