2013 Bid Cancellations

Bid Cancellations 2013

Item RFB Number Description
1 RFB010/13-14 Placement of Slidestaainer and Glass Coverslipper for Cytology
2 RFB012/13/14 Service and Repair of Airconditioners for NHLS Nationally – The following regions have been canelled – Eastern Cape, Mpumalanga, Limpopo, Northern Cape
3 RFB016/13/14 Cleaning Services – NHLS Nationally – (The Following part of the tender has been cancelled – (Sandringham Campus, SAVP, NICD and DMP – only)
4 RFB 009/13/14 Distribution of specimens from clinics and Hospitals for National Health Laboratory Services (NHLS) Coastal Region – The following routes have been cancelled (Worcester, Paarl, George, Northen Transkei, Northern Transkei Referal routes, Ibhayi & Border)
5 RFB 036/13/14 Provision for Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography with Photodiode Array(Computer, Printer, Software and UPS)
6 RFB 021/13/14 Security Services for NHLS Nationally – Cancelled
7 RFB049/13/14 Request for I.T. Network Equipment at NHLS (National)
8 RFB 050/13/14 2 X Placement of Procallcitonin(PCT) Analyser at Livingstone Laboratory, Port Elizabethv- NHLS
9 RFB 042/13/14 Immuno Analyser in Virology Laboratory for the NHLS(TAD)
10 RFB 051/13/14 Construction of horse stables NHLS
11 RFB 029/13/14 Supply of Automated EIA and IFA Analyzer for Universitas Service Laboratory- NHLS
12 RFB 048/13/14 Supply and delivery of unified communication system to replace the PABX Systems at the below NHLS Locations ( Sandringham head office, NICD TB Reference, NICD PRF, Braamfontein, NIOH, Joburg-General Baragwanath).
13 RFB 035/13/14 Provision of an analytical reporting solution for the NHLS
14 RFB 033/13/14 Placement of chemistry analyzer to TAD
15 RFB 020/13/14 Placement of Automated Serology/Immunology Aanalyser For Universitas Bloemfontein & Braamfontein(NHLS)(Cancellation is for Braamfontein Only)
16 RFB 063/1/314 Provision of printing and postal services to the NHLS for period of thre (3) years
17 RFB 054/13/14 Placement of a 8 lane online dispensing unit and sealer at DMP laboratory, NHLS for a period of three (3) years.
18 RFB 071/13/14 Provision of email consolidation tender for a period of three (3) years.
19 RFB 069/13/14 Network equipment preferred supplier for NHLS Nationally for a period of three (3) years.
20 RFB061/13/14 Provision of cellular services to the NHLS for a period of three (3) years
22 RFB 56/13/14 Renovations to Ngwelezana Laboratory: NHLS
23 RFb 059/13/14 Renovations to passages and staircases at 149 Prince street campus KZN – NHLS
24 RFB 060/13/14 Renovations to R.K. Khan Laboratory- NHLS
25 RFB 057/13/14 Renovations to East London Laboratory NHLS
26 RFB 074/13/14 Renovations to Addington Laboratory-NHLS
27 RFB 076/13/14 Renovations to old IT building at NICD Sandringham
28 RFB 047/13/14 The legal collection, treatment and disposal of health care risk waste including the provision and distribution of approved containers and associated commodities to the NHLS for a period of three years