The National Health Laboratory Service (NHLS) Research Trust funds pathology research that is undertaken by registered students and staff of the pathology departments or schools of pathology in South African medical schools. The NHLS Research Trust is governed by a Board of Trustees which has been empowered by the founding Trust to establish a peer review mechanism and/or committee to manage and evaluate applications for funds from the Trust.

Purpose of the NHLS Research Trust grants

The purpose of these grants is to encourage, promote and support research in the various aspects of human pathology, through funding research conducted by registered postgraduate students and academic staff at the various departments/schools of pathology in South African medical schools.

Mission of the NHLS Research Trust grants

To develop/build/enhance research capacity in medical pathology by providing research grant support to:

  • young and new staff members who are at the beginning of their research careers to enable them to (with time) become independent generators of knowledge in medical pathology; and
  • experienced/established academic medical pathology staff/researchers to undertake high quality research that has the potential to impact positively on knowledge and practice in (medical) pathology.

Objectives of the NHLS Research Trust grants

In order to achieve the mission above the NHLS Research Trust will seek to achieve the following objectives:

For young/new staff members:

  • provide support to enable young/new staff members to undertake research that will develop their scientific knowledge and research skills to become established (medical pathology) researchers;
  • create (for young and research inexperienced staff) opportunities for research mentorship and training by, as well as collaboration and networking with, established researchers in order to grow them as researchers; and
  • facilitate (through the research funding, research mentorship/training as well as collaboration and networking) the acquisition of research-based higher degrees (in medical pathology).

For established/experienced staff members:

  • provide support to conduct high quality research that will advance the knowledge base and improve practice in medical pathology;
  • facilitate the creation of opportunities for networking and scientific collaboration locally and internationally;
  • enable the acquisition of minor but critical research equipment in support of the research endeavour; and
  • support opportunities for the training of junior staff and postgraduate students in medical pathology.

Structure of the NHLS Research Trust grants

The NHLS Research Trust grants have the following grant types:

  • Pathology Research Development Grants

This grant type caters for inexperienced researchers/staff and is meant to get them involved in research to improve their research skills and knowledge levels.

  • Pathology Research Awards

This grant type caters for established and experienced researchers in medical pathology to enable them undertake competitive and significant research that will advance knowledge and improve practice in their field of specialisation.

Areas of research eligible for support

Applications for research projects for both of the grant types may be submitted in the following areas:
Anatomical pathology
Chemical pathology
Microbiology: bacteriology/immunology/mycology/parasitology/virology
Oral pathology
Human genetics (if the department is within a School of Pathology)

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