2013 Received Bids

Item Bid Description Bid Number
1 Debt Collection Services RFB005/13/14
2 Employee Assistance Programme RFB011/13/14
3 Servicing and Maintenance of Air Conditioners – National Health Laboratory Services (NHLS) RFB012/13/14
4 Cleaning Services – Nationally – National Health Laboratory Services (NHLS) RFB016/13/14
5 Servicing of Generators at Sandringham, Braamfontein, Charllotte Mxeke, Prince Street Durban & Port Elizabeth Laboratories (NHLS) RFB017/13/14
6 Placement of a Slide Stainer and Coverslipper for Cytology RFB010/13/14
7 Purchase of a Versatile Bead-Bed Open Platform Flow Cytometer for Multiplexing Genomic And
Proteomic Assys (e.g. Luminex)
8 (Re-issue of Tender 054/12/13): Placement of Automated Serology/Immunology Analyser for
Universitas Bloemfontein & Braamfontein (NHLS)
9 APM (Re-issue RFB004/13/14) RFB023/13/14
10 Security Services – Nationally – National Health Laboratory Services (NHLS) RFB021/13/14
11 Supply of office furniture NHLS (HR Department) RFB022/13/14
12 Supply Maintenance and Repair of Autoclaves RFB0024/13/14
13 Placement of Tissue Processor for Hystology (TAD – Laboratory) RFB027/13/14
14 Maintenance Services and Repair for Chiller at Sandringham Braamfontein and Kimberley RFB026/13/14
15 Automated Identification and Susceptibility Analyers for Routine Diagnostics Microbiology Laboratories at National Health Laboratory Services (NHLS) Nationally RFB028/13/14
16 Placement of a Cytology Slide Stainer and Class Coverslpper for Tad (Re-issue) RFB025/13/14
17 Supply of Automated EIA and IFA Analyzer for Universitas Servise laboratory- NHLS RFB029/13/14
18 Distrubution of Specimens from Clinics and Hospital for National Health Laboratory Services (NHLS) Coastal Region re-issue of (Worcesern Paarl, George, Northern Transkei, Northern Transkei Referral Routes, Ibhayi and Border RFB034/13/14