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EXIT-RIF: Evaluating the Xpert Impact on Tuberculosis – RIFampicin Resistance

EXIT-RIF is a before/after cohort study comparing treatment outcomes of patients diagnosed with rifampicin resistant TB by Xpert MTB/RIF or culture-based susceptibility method. The study started in February 2012.

Study Team Introduction

EXIT-RIF is a unique collaboration between several entities:

University of North Carolina

Annelies Van Rie, Colleen Hanrahan, Chris Lippincott

University of the Witwatersrand

Lesley Scott, Ian Sanne, Wendy Stevens Francesca Conradie ,Yara Lima

Stellenbosch University

Rob Warren, Paul Van Helden, Marianna de Kock

National Institute of Health

Gail Jacobs, Dikoe Makhene

Free State Site

Eugenne Elliot, Tina Wojno, S. Kabane

Eastern Cape Site

Cindy Hayes, Leilani Novem, Zonwabele Merile, Sr. Makaluza

Gauteng Site

Natalie Beylis, Pedro Da Silva, Parastu Meidany, Anionia Barnard