Supply Of Double Door Fridge

>Supply Of Double Door Fridge

Post ID: 381960
RFQ Number: FRG 2020-030/013/009/005
Description: Supply Of Double Door Fridge

Please take note that no late coming will be accepted

Address: Would you please send a sealed quotation with the reference number on the envelope in the quote box at NHLS main reception? Tender Box Corner Hospital & De Korte Street Braamfontein Security office Johannesburg

Closing Date: 20 October 2020 @11h00 am

Please note that late coming will not be accepted

Contact person: Tel: (011) 489 9183

Required documents:

1. Original tax clearance certification
2. Original BEE Certificate or certified copy
3. declaration of interest
4. CSD (Central database registration letter)
5. Brochure

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