Supply of 10 x Floor Polishers

>Supply of 10 x Floor Polishers

Post ID: 3088
RFQ Number: KZN 29/08/19-20
Description: Supply of 10 x Floor Polishers

Please note that no late quotes will be accepted
Closing Date: 10 September 2019 at 11:00AM
Delivery Address: Please send all quotations in a sealed envelope to NHLS-KZN Regional Office.149 Prince Street, Durban ,4001.Reception in the quotation box

For Questions Contact: Desmond Govender Tel:(031)-3276755

Required documents:
1. Tax clearance certificate
2. BBBEE certificate
3. Declaration of interest
4. CSD (Central Database Registration Letter)
5. Please supply Official quotation
6. Please initial all pages of the RFQ
7. Please supply brochure ( if applicable)
8. Local content needs to be completed (if applicable)

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