Post ID: 392184
RFQ Number: 2139680
Description: Supply And Install Air Conditioners At Gelukspan Laboratory

Please note that late coming will not be accepted

Venue: Please place quotations in sealed envelope, in the quote box at NHLS main reception tender box Corner Hospital & De Korte Street Braamfontein, security office Johannesburg 10 August 2022@11h00 IT Must Be Marked Clearly With RFQ NO: 2139680 Att Bethuel Mogoru Braamfotein

Closing time: 11H00AM

Closing Date: 10 August 2022

Contact: Tel: (011) 489 9179

No Site Briefing meeting

Final submission for quote 10 August 2022 @ 11H00.

1. Written quote incl. and excl vat
2. Take note of the scope of work
3. Quote include all charges

Required documents:

1. Tax clearance certification
2. Declaration of interest
4. CSD within RFQ date full report