RFQ Number: 1919118

Description: Supply And Install 2 X 10 000 Litres Horizontal Storage Water Colorifiers At NHLS Sandringham Campus

Date: 31-03-2023@10h00

Post or Deliver RFQs to : Please send a sealed quotation with the reference number Boldly stated on the envelope, and insert into the Quote box at no.1 Modderfontein rd, Sandringham at the Reception area

Closing Date: 12 April 2023

Contact: procurementcorporate@nhls.ac.za
Tel: (011) 386 6000

Please note that late coming will not be accepted

Required documents:

1. Tax clearance certification
2. CSD
4. ALL SBD’s Must Be Completed.
5. References
6. Proof Of Grading Level