RFQ Number: 0062679

Description: Supply 2 x Water Resistant Digital Thermometers as per specs

Post or Deliver RFQs to: Please send a sealed envelope with your quote proposal and supporting documents inside with suppliers name and reference number of the RFQ on the envelope in the RFQ box at: – NHLS, Old City Hospital Complex, 01 Portwood Rd, C Block, Procurement Dept, Green Point, Cape Town

Closing Date: 03 October 2023

Contact persons: dean.foster@nhls.ac.za
Tel: 021.417.9327

Late submission will not be accepted.

Required documents:
1. TAX Clearance Certification
2. B-BBEE Certificate
3. SBD4 and 6.1
4. CSD Registration Report
5. Product Brochure
6. Official Quote