RFQ Number: 1817004

Description: Service, calibration and installation/fit of new extractor fan for the 1200 Esco Frontier Fume Cabinet at NHLS Universitas Genetics dept Bloemfontein

Post or Deliver RFQs to: Please place quotations in sealed envelope, in the quote box at NHLS main reception tender box Corner Hospital & De Korte Street Braamfontein security office Johannesburg no later than 2 June 2023 @ 11h00 it must be marked clearly with RFQ 1817004att M Grimsell Bloemfontein.

Closing Date: 02 June 2023

Important Note ON RFQ Page 21. Communication to Lab Manager regarding the instrument must be via email neo.mokgosi@nhls.ac.za

Contact: maryanne.grimsell@nhls.ac.za

Please note that late coming will not be accepted

Important notes
1. Written quote incl. and excl vat
2. Quote include all charges
3. Costing module

Required documents:
1. Tax clearance certification
2. Declaration of interest
4. CSD within RFQ date MAY 2023