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SAVP Successes

Geoff Lockwood, a well known Ornithologist was bitten by a bloomslang at the Kruger National Park. He was then transferred to Milpark hospital where he was successfully treated with the bloomslang antivenom manufactured by the South African Vaccine Producers (SAVP) – a proud division of the NHLS.



GeneXpert – A first on the African continent

The NHLS accomplished being the first laboratory diagnostic service on the African continent to develop groundbreaking GeneXpert technology for the diagnosis of the TB and rifampicin resistance that produces a result in two hours, compared to the microscopy and cultures that take between 48 hours and four weeks respectively. On the occasion of World TB Day on 24 March, Minister Aaron Motsoaledi unveiled the high-tech GeneXpert tuberculosis diagnostic instrument at the NHLS’ Prince Mshiyeni Hospital laboratory at KwaZulu-Natal.


One step closer to a cure for HIV

A proud year for the organisation and the country as two NHLS researchers revealed a breakthrough in the global search for an HIV vaccine. Professor Lynn Morris, head of NICD’s HIV research department and Penny Moore, senior scientist at NICD played a pivotal role in the discovery that a weakness exists in the HIV virus, which enables certain people to produce potent antibodies.

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