Training Scope

The National Health Laboratory Service (NHLS) trains:

  • all pathologists in South Africa, covering the whole spectrum of pathology in Africa;
  • medical scientists, technologists, technicians in all pathology disciplines; and
  • occupational health practitioners and scientific staff in this field.

University training at both undergraduate and postgraduate level is completed through the pathology departments of university medical schools. Courses are provided in anatomical pathology, chemical pathology, haematology, human genetics, immunology, medical microbiology and virology.

The NHLS’ teaching programme includes the training of medical technologists in association with the universities of technology.

Training Division

The national Training division was established in 2007. It functions as a sub-division of the Human Resources department to ensure the provision of ongoing skills development for all staff in accordance with the NHLS strategic plan and the National Skills Development Plan.

The Training division is headed by a National Skills Development Manager who is based in Sandringham, the head office of the NHLS. Regional Training Managers service the four regions, i.e. Central, Coastal, KwaZulu-Natal and Northern regions.